MLS Laser Therapy for Pets

MLS Therapy is a new approach for managing inflammatory and painful conditions such as soft tissue injuries, arthritis and trauma. The therapy can also be very effective at accelerating wound healing in cats, dogs and horses. 

This therapy can be used in place of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), which are expensive and have potential serious side effects including liver and kidney toxicity, bleeding ulcers and gastro-intestinal perforations.

Treatments are quick, painless and have no side effects. All treatments are administered at our office with the cutting-edge MLS Harmony Therapy Laser, the only one of its kind in the metro Atlanta area.

Call us today to learn more about this revolutionary new treatment. The only sensation your pet will feel is relief!

mls laser therapy

The MLS Laser represents the most advanced Therapy laser on the market today.  Continuous and pulsated emissions each have attributes that benefit the patient in different ways.  Continuous emission stimulates an anti-inflammatory effect and edema re-absorption, but with secondary analgesic effects.  Pulsated emission has a more intense analgesic action, but the effect on the inflammatory process is reduced.  MLS therapy is the first laser to incorporate both, simultaneously.  Rhythm, perfection of intervals and intensity, and maximum coordination are of the essence. 

Laser Therapy Applications:

Pain Management

Deep Musculoskeletal Disorders

Anti-Inflammatory Applications

DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)


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Customer Testimonials

“Dr. Barger is absolutely wonderful. He is very professional and very good at explaining everything to you and really cares about your pet. I have had such bad experiences with vets before that I won't go to anyone else. They are the best!!!”

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A Different Approach

We focus on Integrative Medicine, a mix of conventional veterinary treatments and alternative therapies to benefit your pet.

Better Treatments

Arthritis is common in older pets. MLS laser treatments and supplements and as few pharmaceiticals as possible yield long-term beneifts with less risk.

Your Trusted Partner

Dr. Barger began his career in Texas before moving to Alpharetta in 1980, where he worked at the Animal Emergency Clinic of Sandy Springs... read more